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descriptionPurchase of current and future crop with above-market value

Attention friends producers, brokers, We are buying your harvested and future crop. If you have the 110% insurance policy, to sell to the San Francisco Stock Exchange, if they do not, we'll have the insurance company. Soon it generates ICPO and RWA and in 5 useful days it takes the minute of contract and money in the account ...
Purchase of current and future crops
The most important is that the buyer has the capacity to buy all the production because of the capacity of BMF
And attention in the flow of the process.
That is, the purchase starts with the presentation of the insurance policies of the .....
Where the insurance came from does not matter ....
Purchase of current and future crop
If you want to contact the person who introduced me to this ... you can say that I passed you ... if you want
Whoever wants the contact of who sent me this calls to me in the email: cereaismtcuiaba@gmail.com ... Products that we buy: we work with diverse types of commodities. Generally
We buy everything that meets our process and that can be made safe. Below
some examples:
Agricultural production in general:
- Sugar - Cotton
- rice - coffee
- Soybeans - Beans
- Corn - wheat
- Etc
Fuels and chemicals in general
- Diesel - Ethanol
- Methanol - Biodiesel
- Etc
Purchase also
Ethanol, too.


More information by email and I'll get in touch with BMF!


descriptionRe: Purchase of current and future crop with above-market value


Is this purchase order still available?

I'm waiting and thank you.

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