MERCEDES E 350 AMG / 4MATIC Application Toolbar

Tell me if you are interested in 77, cars of the brand (Mercedes E-Class W 212 - 350 L Luxury Sedan / sport 4MATIC Petrol Automatic) with a market value of 88,000 € -.

The cars are still unregistered, totally new, these are the cars that I spoke to you, that had suffered a few small problems because of the bad stowage, in the boat.
The cars are in Germany and if you accept the conditions you must make a letter of intent to buy, then once signed the contract of sale, you must advance 20% of its total amount (616,000 €), then as the He retires are paid, if they do not all go down at once
from Germany.

All these cars were destined for the American market, so, it changes the subject of the taillights a bit, but they are suitable for Europe or other countries ..

When you want to go to Germany to see them, they will pick you up at the airport and return you to your departure.

Unfurnished Sale Price € 39,000
Repaired sale price € 40,000
More, € 2,000 commission per car, for the parties.

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Benito tendero
Ferronet trading
Benito@benitotendero. Com