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Soft Offer Di e Au

on Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:24 am
Au e Di cif Camarões

Soft Offer

We will be very happy working long term with you. We are local miners and have Natural rough uncut, cut diamonds and Gold 22K+,96.6% we are asking $27000/KG .Our Diamonds are IF,VS,VVS,VVS1,VVS2,VS1,VS2 .COLOR D, E, F, G, H we are asking $450 per carat for rough diamonds with no KPC but we can apply for KPC from Government and $1300 per carat with GIA certificate for Round Polished Diamonds, origin Cameroon .

Procedure Sample order:15 carats of Diamond or 5KG Gold has to be sent to buyer for him/her to test and confirm the diamonds clarity .(3 days delivery)Buyer will cover shipping cost  upfront and pay for the 15 carats or 5KG of Gold after you have test and confirm the diamonds clarity .(price depends of the location of the buyer)

If Buyer is ok with the diamonds quality , seller will bring diamonds to buyer address (C.I.F) If Buyer is not ok with the diamonds quality, seller shall refund buyers expends for the shipping and buyer shall send the 15 carats back to Seller. Before we proceed with sample trial order we must exchange our passport copy and office address for security reason.If all is well get back to me with your address, phone numbers and passport copy and i will email mine and the shipping cost.


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Re: Soft Offer Di e Au

on Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:09 pm
Hi, I just sent you an invite on skype!!
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