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descriptionCocoa Beans here

Cocoa Beans here!!!

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descriptionRe: Cocoa Beans here

Hi dear, I am looking for Cocoa Beans , so please if anyone have I will be highly appreciated to provide me by email.
Best regards.
Email shivana2t@yahoo.com

descriptionAgricultural commodities

Our company Blink Commercial Group work as an exporting company and trade different kinds of agricultural commodities, like seeds, grains, beans, cereals, bran, flour, oils etc. The products we offer are basically from the Black Sea region, from Ukraine - one of the world's biggest supplier of grains, cereals and oils, Moldova -  the country where our business is set, Russia, Bulgaria etc

Address : Constantin Brincusi 124/1 Street, 6th Floor
Telephone number : +373 22 10 65 12
Cell phone/ Viber : +373 78 787 512
Skype ID : nicolai.bcg
E-mail : info@blinkcommercialgroup.com ; nicolai.bcg@gmail.com

descriptionwe have colombia cocoa

Cocoa and derivatives (Cacao y derivados)
Grane Cocoa Colombians Mountains (Cacao en grano de la montañas en Colombia)
Natural Powdered Cocoa 10/12% Grease (Cacao pulverizado natural 10/12% de grasa)
Butter Cocoa Fine Aroma (Manteca de cacao fino aroma)
Cocoa Liquor or Cocoa Paste. Pure non Deffated (Licor de cacao o pasta de cacao), puro no desgrasado.
Chocolate Home Cup. Cloves y Cinnamon (Taza de Chocolate, clavos y canela)
Chocolate to Cup traditional (Chocolate a taza tradicional)
Chocolate to Cup 100% cocoa Sugar Brown Sweeten. Porcelain of Santander (Chocolate a Taza 100% cacao endulzado con panela. Porcelana de Santander.
Chocolate to pure Cup 100 % cocoa Pure Non Deffated. Porcelain of Santander (Chocolate a Taza pura 100% cacao puro no desgrasado.;


descriptionRe: Cocoa Beans here

Cocoa beans are the dried and fermented seeds of the cacao tree from which chocolate is made. The dry cocoa Powder is made by grinding cocoa beans and removing the cocoa butter from the dark and bitter cocoa beans thus Grinded. Chocolates are made by the combination of both cocoa powder and cocoa butter together. "cocoa" is often Also referred to the drink commonly known as hot chocolate cocoa powder. West africa accounts for 70% of world Production of cocoa beans. AVEL supplies the cocoa processing industry and the trade houses with cocoa beans from west africa. Avel is one of West africa’s most cost-competitive originators and suppliers of cocoa beans. We have a strong marketing and trading Presence in west africa and we deliver to the factory gates of our clients. We have built upon our origination strengths To secure the cocoa bean supplies for chocolate industry. We are intensively involved in farm-gate procurement with our network in sourcing countries. Our objective is to Profitably procure economically feasible lots by getting to the grass roots level. This gives us better control of quality And reliability of supply. Our high quality supply of cocoa beans enables our customers to meet a wide range of their Requirements. This in turn forms the base of the high quality chocolate for the final consumers.
please send LOI with full details TO:
Asia View Enterprises Limited
806, Tower-B New Mandarin Plaza
14 Science Museum Road
Tst East 110001
Kowloon Hong Kong
THEN SEND TO donorcare2020@gmail.com
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