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Copper here


descriptionCopper here

Copper here New Smile 14

descriptionCopper Scraps milbery and copper cathodes

Any serious and capable buyer for copper millbery & cathodes should contact with LOI.


Good day

Pls find blw procedures and fully specs.of copper cathodes products origin by TANZANIA  for the price of London Metal Exchange “Cash Buyer Price” minus fourteen per cent (<14%) per MT CIF as specified

Buyer accepts SCO, completes ICPO and sends ICPO to Seller with executed acceptance of SCO.
Upon acceptance of Buyer’s ICPO, Seller issues draft SPA to Buyer.
Buyer emends and executes draft SPA and returns to Seller.
Seller accepts or emends draft SPA and returns to Buyer.
Parties lodge final executed SPA with their respective bank officers.
Buyer issues Irrevocable MT700 DLC (See Annex 3 for draft Text Verbiage) for the value of the current tranche being shipped to Buyer. MT700 DLC will act as collateral in the event that the Exit Buyer or his designated paymaster fails to keep their payment obligations as defined by this Sales and Purchase Agreement.
Seller sends letter of invitation to Buyer to see Copper Cathodes at refinery or port of loading.
After inspection by Alex Stewart International, OCC or CEEC or any other internationally recognized equivalent inspection agency in country of origin at loading port, Seller delivers product to destination port at his expense.
Seller sends all shipping documents and transfers title of product to Buyer, which is necessary for clearance of product at destination port.
Buyer completes product inspection within 5 (five) days of product’s arrival.
Buyer submits discharging port inspection report to Buyer’s bank and sends copy to Seller.
Buyer’s bank sends payment via T/T or MT 103 within five days of final inspection by SGS, ASI, AHK or an equivalent at destination port.

Rejection below 99.97% Cu purity,

Max impurities PPM

Copper (Cu), % 99.99 Rej below 99.97 Silica (Si), PPM 0.3
Cobalt (Co), PPM 0.2 Bismuth (Bi), PPM 0.1
Lead (Pb), PPM 0.2 Tellurium (Te), PPM 0.05
Iron (Fe), PPM 2 Silver (Ag), PPM 10
Aluminium (Al), PPM 0.5 Selenium (Se), PPM 0.3
Manganese (Mn), 0.1 Sulphur (5), PPM 4.0
Nickel (Ni), PPM 0.2 Magnesium (Mg), 0.4
Antimony (Sb), PPM 0.1 Zinc (Zn), PPM 0.4
Arsenic (As), PPM 0.1 Oxygen (0), PPM Nil

Dimensions: 914 mm x 914 mm x 12 mm (LME Standards)
Weight of each sheet: 125 Kilograms (Approximately ± 2%)
Net weight of each pallet: 2.000 Kilograms (Approximately ±2%)
Net weight per container: 20.0 Metric Tons (Approximately ± 2%)
Gross weight per container: 22.2 Metric Tons (Approximately ± 2%)

Length, width and thickness of each sheet shall be equivalent to generally accepted LME and internationally accepted measurements. The copper cathode surface condition shall be free of imperfections, defects and excess exposure to outdoor weather.


descriptionRe: Copper here

Dear friends, we are looking fro Copper scrap for one of our clients.. 5.000 mt aprox. per month .
please comment.


Alvaro .

descriptionRe: Copper here


At this time I do not have a stable supplier of Scrap, just Cathodes from DRC via Durban South Africa.

descriptionLooking for gold buyers

We are miners of high quality gold in the sub-region of Accra-Ghana, West Africa. Our gold comes from a natural soil and is rated as one of the best finest in the
world . Currently we have enough stock of gold bar, dust and nuggets for sale and we are capable of supplying on both weekly and monthly basis. Our price is very affordable, competitive and below international rates, any interested buyer should kindly contact us for more details.

Mr. Ezekiel Quarshie
Tel/Fax: (233) 205197873
Email: ezekielquarshie@hotmail.com
Skype: business0004
Watssapp: +233553081854

descriptionRe: Copper here

Dear Partner/Associate.

We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or Principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these services.

Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs to lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies.

The Financial institution can finance your signatory projects such as Real Estate Development, Aviation Service, Agriculture Finance, Petroleum Importation, Telecommunication, construction of Dams or Bridges and all kind of projects., we fund 100% of the face value of the financial instrument.
Inquiries from agents/ brokers/ intermediaries are also welcome.
If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects in this way, please contact me for more information.

Mr Ronald Rajnesh Gounder

descriptionRe: Copper here


NEED to fill 2 contracts of 600.000 MT a year for 5 years (10-50.000 MT) MONTHLY COPPER CATHODES 99.99%


TRIAL OF 2000MT with 2% PB

payment indivisible intransferable DLC

Buyer can give 1% commition to your group.

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