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descriptionwe have products,ethanol, gasoline,petroleum, diesel and others,

we have products, ethanol, gasoline, petroleum, diesel, and others.

descriptionRe: Petrochemical Products here

I have an application in the following terms:
We are looking for D2 USLD
Coke and petroleum vasconia
For the D2 25 million gallons contract is needed
1 year renewable

American formula 3 ppm

descriptionRe: Petrochemical Products here

Subject: petroleum derivatives.

We have to attend;

Send documents to email:


descriptionWe buy petrochemical products

Attention friends producers, brokers, We are buying your harvested and future crop. If you have the 110% insurance policy, to sell to the San Francisco Stock Exchange, if they do not, we'll have the insurance company. Soon it generates ICPO and RWA and in 5 useful days it takes the minute of contract and money in the account ...
Purchase of current and future crops
The most important is that the buyer has the capacity to buy all the production because of the capacity of BMF
And attention in the flow of the process.
That is, the purchase starts with the presentation of the insurance policies of the .....
Where the insurance came from does not matter ....
Purchase of current and future crop
If you want to contact the person who introduced me to this ... you can say that I passed you ... if you want
Whoever wants the contact of who sent me this calls to me in the email: cereaismtcuiaba@gmail.com ... Products that we buy: we work with diverse types of commodities. Generally
We buy everything that meets our process and that can be made safe. Below
some examples:
Agricultural production in general:
- Sugar - Cotton
- rice - coffee
- Soybeans - Beans
- Corn - wheat
- Etc
Fuels and chemicals in general
- Diesel - Ethanol
- Methanol - Biodiesel
- Etc
Purchase also
Ethanol, too.


More information by email and I'll get in touch with BMF!


descriptionwe have petroleum productus, direct fron refineries , jp54.a2, betumen,carlosempreendimentos43@gmail.com


We have petroleum products, direct from refineries, jp54, a2, bitumen, and others./russia, iram, and other countries;

Gse group;
Brazil. Europe; asia.

-------------------------------------------------- (I.e.

Products We Produce and Supply

Our and our partners' refineries are registered with the Russian Ministry of Energy. We have an official license for all our operations. We are able to carry oil and gas from most of the Russian and other international ports and we can deliver to almost any ASWP. Our access points and refineries are linked to Russia's pipeline network. Beside our main tanks in Rotterdam, we have access to all Russian ports including Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Nahodka and Vladivostok.


Beside EN590, petrol 88 RON - 95 RON we offer all types of D2, fuel oil, fuel oils, JP54, JA1, JP8 and JA1 91-91. Gasoline is an oil product made from petroleum liquids from crude oil and divers. Gasoline is mostly used as fuel for vehicle engines. Jet fuel is used for turboprops and jet and should maintain a low viscosity at low temperature. Jet A-1 fuel should meet: DEF STAN 91-91 (Jet A-1) with a freezing point JA-1 -47 ° C to -53 ° C for JA -40 ° C. JA-1 Density at 15 ° C (59øF) is 0.804 kg / l (6.71 lb / US gallon). JA is 0.820 kg / l (6.84 lb / US gallon) - the difference between both is the freezing point. JP-8 is the military equivalent for Jet A-1 with the addition of anti-corrosion and anti-icing additives - as required by the US military. It is the type of jet fuel by air NATO forces. JP-5 is a kerosene with a high flash-point. Its specifications meets the requirements of the US Army.


Not only provide natural gas (NG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), but we can also produce and supply liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG is a natural gas cooled to less than 161 ° C until it becomes a liquid. LNG is stored under atmospheric pressure and its volume is reduced by a ratio of 1: 600. Gas in a liquefied form is easier and less costly for transportation. After the liquid is turned back to its gas form it has the same purposes as NG. LNG of the fastest growing gas product in the international energy market - 20BCM have been consuming


95% of the world's industrial production for Urea will be used to liberate Nitrogen as fertilizer - mainly with the use of agriculture. It has a very high nitrogen content.


Bitumen is a mixture of black hydrocarbons made from petroleum. It is mainly used for sealing roads and roofs. Divers binders enables the construction industry to create surfaces that facilitate different use.

====================================================================== ====================================================================== =====

Second seller

Russian trader, based Russian Federation. I'm in direct contact.

Officials and authorized Derivatives mandate of Petroleum Company's most reputable and reliable End-Sellers / Refineries in Russia based in Moscow, Russia. Our business is focused on the energy industry and we specifically deal in H Russo / S Diesel D2 Gost 305-82, -run Russian heavy fuel oil straight Mazut M100 GOST 10585-75 and GOST 10585-99, Russian aviation fuel kerosene T- fuel Jet 1 Aviation, Jet Jet A-1, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) CST-180. Availability urgently of Russian origin CST-180 Fuel Oil with guaranteed viscocity 180 K and a maximum sulfur content of pct weight 03/05

Through our group of sellers / holders we can provide you long-term and reliable seuraavilla supply of petroleum products:
JP-54, Jet A1, Oils (M100) Diesel D2 Diesel D6 Diesel EN59, ULSD, Petrol, Fuel Oil CST180, REBCO, LNG, LPG, etc. Other products may be available upon special request.

descriptionPetrochemical Products here

Petrochemical Products here random44

descriptionRe: Petrochemical Products here

Dear Sir/MA

We are international financier, trust Consultant of worldwide development prime lending's.We are Specialist of funds, loans, bank guarantees. We are working with large lending's affiliated to a corporate consortium group operators and providers of Bank Financial Instruments. Through this large lending's,Trade group consortium, we can arrange the following services as their trust consultant.
Worldwide project financing, Loans,BG,SBLC,MTN,POF,LC,SKR Discounting,Project Funding,Letter of credit, and lots more for investors
If you are interested contact us immediately by Email

Thank you
Rajnesh Gounder
Skype ID: grouneshadvisory14@gmail.com
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