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Bauxite Ore here

on Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:29 pm
FCO Bauxite Al2O3 44-46%


We have the pleasure to inform you that our group have negotiated this excellent option related to Metallurgical Grade Bauxite from LATAM.

·         Seller is R, W and A to advance in faster terms to Draft Contract after receive ICPO.
·         Images, Lab Analysis, available after approve ICPO.
·         Available order UP to 150,000 Mt monthly.

Dear Sir:

We Miner Group hereby confirm with full corporate and legal responsibility under penalty of perjury that the following commodity is available under the state and conditions herein:

Commodity:                 Met allurgical Grade Bauxite
Contract:                      Contract for 1 year, renewable for the same year.
Quantity:                       UP to 150,000 Mt per month
Contract Terms:          Twelve (12) months with possible roll-overs and extensions.
Delivery:                       Half month from reception L/C for first Shipment
Country of Origin:       LATAM (Latin America).
INCOTERMS:               FOB basis
Price:                            US$ 31 Pmt
Moisture:                       17% - 19% PCT Maximum
Packing:                        In bulk
Performance Bond:     2% of one Shipment
Visit:                             Buyer is welcome to visit mine site after sign Contract

Letter of Credit: Conformed documentary L/C, Non Transferable or Transferable, payable 100% at Sight for the first shipment opened by prime Bank acceptable to Seller. Payment will happen with presentation of Shipping documents at loading port after CCIC.

Certification: According to CCIC in the yard,

Technical Specifications:

AL2O3:             44%- 46% Max.
SiO2:               5% - 7% Max.
Fe2O3:             19% - 21% Max.
CaO:                0.75% - 1.50% Max.
Na20                0.18% - 0.35%
Ti02:                1.00% - 2.50%
Moisture:         17% - 19% PCT Maximum.
Size:                0 mm - 100 mm 90% Min, (natural & grainy) > 100mm, 10% Maximum


0.-  Seller issues SCO duly signed
1.-  Buyer issues  LOI or ICPO with permission for Soft probe.
2.-  Seller issues the FCO
3.-  Buyer signs, seals and returns the FCO.
4.-  Seller issues Draft Contract.
5.-  Buyer signs the Draft Contract and sends it back to the Seller.
6.-  Seller issues the final Contract to the Buyer .
7.-  Buyer's bank issues and sends by swift the Non-operative  LC 100% at sight to the Seller's bank within 48 hours.
8.-  Seller posts Performance Bond (PB) for the value of 2% and LC becomes operative.
9.-  Shipment begins. Buyer can made a physical inspection together with SGS at the time of loading of product.

This representation is made with full corporate authority and responsibility of the above..

Best Regards,
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