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We Sell Sugar Icumsa C.45 (Looking for genuine and serious End-Buyers)

on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:06 pm
Dear Sirs

We are JL Global Services www.jlglobalservices.com.co, we are next to seller to offer you:

Product: Sugar ICUMSA C. 45
12.500 MT > Payment method
Commission 5,00 U $ divided between Buy and Sell.

12 MONTHS      
Guarantee/ 1 Month   Guarantee/12 Months  Payment
SBLC/ MT 760 Plus / MT 103              
12.500 MT      405 U$                        

SBLC FULL                        
375 U$                                  

415 U$

ICUMSA 45 (White refined sugar): A highly refined white sugar product. This is the table sugar that most people use everyday and is typically sold as granulated sugar.

Method of payment:
Contract balance 12.500 MT  >>> Payment SBLC - Bank TOP 25 MT 103 -CIF ASWP.
Total Quantity: 12.500 / MT
Location: Port of Santos / Brazil
Packing: 50 kg bags
Product / ICUMSA Sugar / 45 RBU
See why on IMDbPro
Polarization 99.80 \% (minimum)  
0.04 \% Moisture weight (maximum)
An ash content of 0.04 \% (maximum) by weight
100% dry and fluid solubility
Within the limits accepted international radiation
Culture / Current substance / Solid crystal
Magnetic particles 4 mg / k
SO2 70 mg / k
Color / Sediment Sparkling White / None
By Max Ash 0.04 \% electric weight
Sulfur dioxide 20 mg / kg (minimum)
Granulation Fina
The maximum reduction Sugar 0.05 \% by weight
HPN NIL Staphylococcus aureus
Free smell of any strange smell
AS 1 ppm (maximum)
PS 2 ppm (maximum)
CU 3 ppm (maximum
> Commission: USD.5.00 / Divided between Buy and Sell.

Validity: ONLY FOR  JULY-2015

ICPO + RWA Documents to: globaltrade@jlglobalservices.com.co

All documents sent must be stamped, stamped, signed by the CEO and in PDF format.
Participation only for buyers, we spare adventurers and speculators.

Looking to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards.,

CEO – Business Developer
                     Mobile Phone: + 57 316 334 5371 (WhatsApp)    
                     Phone:  + 57 1 7508292
                     E-Mail: globaltrade@jlglobalservices.com.co
                     Skype ID: javierarles
                     Website: www.jlglobalservices.com.co
                     Bogotá, Colombia (South America)
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