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descriptionBUY BULLION - USA CIF (500kg tranches bank to bank)

Good Day,

I was looking for differnet offer for my buyer of BUllion gold Bank to Bank, have being looking for a month and have the following offers:

1.- USA

This offer arrived to our hands through a chain of brokers.
LBMA-15% 12% NET (1.5% Seller side (Closed) 1.5%Buyer Side(1%(Closed facilitators and intermmediarys you can come with 0.1 in the chain if you are broker), 0.5%(Open for a mandate))

If you can work on that basis,
1. Product Description: AU in the form of 12.5 Kg Bars, Fineness – 99.95% or better.
Hallmarks – under 4 years internationally recognized and
accepted (Gold Bullion (Au) in GLD Specification Bar Form)

2. Quantity: 40 MT - 40,000K
3. Price: The agreed purchase price is based on the prevailing Second Fixing
of the London Bullion Market Association [LBMA] quoted price per
troy ounce on the date of “Transfer of Title”. Should there be no
quoted price next opening pricing day shall prevail

4. Discount: (15%) percent Gross
(12%) percent Net to buyer
5. Professional Charge: (1.5%) percent to Buyer Side
(1.5%) percent to Seller side

6. Payment: Payment to be made by Buyer’s Bank via SWIFT Bank Wire
Transfer, to the account of the Seller at Seller’s Bank, within two
(2) banking days after Buyer’s Bank has received, accepted and
confirmed the “Assay Report” and “Transfer of Title”
7. Origin: Mali/Ghana
8. Location: USA
9. Transaction: Seller is committed to deliver the Au-Metal to the destination place,
as mutually agreed with the Buyer, under the condition of CIF, or
Bank to Bank

10. Delivery: CIF to destination via BRINKS or G4S preferred or Bank to BANK
11. Tranches: 500kg or 1MT

12. Documents: The Seller will provide the following Documents:

• 1) Certificate of Origin,
• 2) Certificate of Weight List
• 3) Certificate of Ownership
• 4) Certificate of Assayer Report ( under 5 years old )
• 5) Warehouse Safekeeping Receipt (S.K.R.)
• 6) Custom Clearance
• 7) Commercial Invoice
Cool Export permit/Export License
• 9) Seller’s declaration that all Duties, Charges and Taxes to
the relevant Authorities are paid, and AU metal is free of any
liens, taxes and encumbrances of any kind at delivery.
• 10) Warrant/Certification that AU metal is of non-criminal
• 11) AU Metal is confirmed by the Seller to be freely tradable
and exportable worldwide.
12) Name of Assignee to cargo and Airway Bill number
14. Payment Terms Payment for the COMMODITY shall be made by SWIFT to the

Seller's designated Bank
Upon arrival of gold at Buyer’s destination,

1. Seller issues FCO
2. Buyer signs FCO and returns to the Seller
3. Seller submits Sales & Purchase Contract to Buyer, based on this FCO
4. Signing and acceptance of the Sales & Purchase Contract ( SPA )
5. Both parties lodge copy of the SPA with their respective Bank
6. Seller’s bank issues to Buyer’s bank a POP (SKR) initial tranche of 1 Metric ton.
7. Buyer’s bank confirms to Seller’s bank by Swift MT700 in favour of the Seller within 72 hours for initial tranche of 1 Metric Tons
8. After Seller’s bank confirms reception of Buyer’s Swift MT700, the Seller delivers the merchandise to the Buyer’s destination.

9. All costs of the new refinery assay by Buyer’s destination Refinery to be at the expenses of the Buyer
10. Payment by Swift MT 103 to be based on a new final assay report issued by the Refinery at the Buyer’s destination.
11. Once payment in full has been made for each tranche, the title of the Gold shall be immediately transferred from the Seller to the Buyer.
Every payment will only be based on the Assay Report issued by the Refinery to the Buyer’s Bank and considering the “net weight” of the
mineral. It will be recognized and accepted by both parties.


If you can work on that commition basis let us know.

Thank you

descriptionRe: BUY BULLION - USA CIF (500kg tranches bank to bank)

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