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This offer gives good commitions to intermmediary payd by seller.

The purpose of this Contract is buying and selling 24 Carats Gold bars on the terms and
conditions described below:
a. The Seller, under full authority and responsibility, declares that it has the full, clear and
qualified right to sell the Gold which property it legitimately holds.
b. The Buyer, under full corporate authority and responsibility, declares that it has the solvency
and financial capacity to buy all the merchandise (gold bars, Au) offered by the Seller.
c. The Buyer guarantees the payment of the product by issuing in favor of the Seller a Stand by
Letter of Credit (SBLC) from a top prime bank as per the standard ICC verbiage as attached
on the contract.
d. The Seller will issue a 2% Performance Bond (PB) of the total guaranteed amount within 5days
of receipt of the Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC).

a. Commodity: Aurum Utalium (Au)
b. Form: Gold Bars
c. Weight: 12 Kg
d. Purity: 24 Carats
e. Fineness: 999.9% or better
f. Age: Less than Four (4) years
g. Assay: The Final Assay Report will be held at Buyer’s Designated Refinery, and the
value of this Assay shall be accepted by both the Buyer and the Seller.

h. Origin: Republic of Cameroon

i. Packing: Export Package Box, with metal hardware.
J Commission: xxxx per Kg to be paid to facilitator by seller
a. The amount of the total supply fixed under the terms of this Contract shall be 6000 Kg of
Gold metal (Au) through fortnightly shipments of 500 Kg for a period of 12 Months or until
the settlement of the total amount. There will be a first Trial Shipment that will also be 500
b. Every provision shall be made depending on the successful conclusion of previous supply
and the full and satisfactory settlement of payment of the merchandise to the Seller.
a. Currency: The price of this Contract is set in United States Dollars (USD).
b. The Parties shall take as reference value the Second Fixing of the London Bullion Market
Association (LBMA) on the day of issuance of the Final Assay Report.
c. The Parties shall stick to the quoted price per ounce, per gram or per kilo certified by the
Refinery and an eight percent discount (-8%) will be applied.

Seller’s Signature Buyer’s Signature

Page 3 of 15

a. Any and all deliveries will be made under CIF conditions to the Customs Control of buyers
destination airport
b. Each and every shipment will be accomplished once the Buyer has received and verified the
full set of documents required as proof of product, and within fourteen (14) calendar days of
receipt of the SBLC issued in favor of the Seller.
c. The shipment of each tranche of supply will be made by Air, through a safe service of precious
metals transportation, and destined for Customs Control of Buyer’s Refinery.
d. Each and every one of these shipments shall be made at the expense of and charged to the
e. The Buyer will assume all the costs of the quality verification by the Refinery, as long as the
commodity does not show lower purity or quality than assured by the Seller and specified in
the certificate of assay performed in origin.
f. The Seller will, through his Shipper, furnish the Buyer with the full set of documents 3 days
before the departure from Republic of Cameroon so that the Buyer’s Importer can lodge such
notice to the customs department of the destination airport.
g. At the same time, the Buyer shall notify to the Seller all the procedures and necessary
documentation to ensure a quick and efficient settlement of committed payments.
h. All payments derived from insurance and freight must be covered by the Seller.
i. The guarantee of payment (SBLC) in favor of the Seller will be issued 72hrs after contract
signed. All costs related to the issuance of the Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) shall be assumed
entirely by the Buyer.
j. This guarantee will be issued for the full term of this Contract (12 Months) and it must cover
the value of each shipment (500 Kg of 24 Carat Gold),
a. The payment for the content of 24 Carat Gold of each tranche shall be paid by SWIFT transfer
in favour of the Seller within a maximum period of 72 hours from metal’s quality verification
through laboratory’s assay or contrast test (Final Assay Report).
b. After confirmation of such full and final payment, the Seller will immediately transfer title and
ownership of the gold to the Buyer.


descriptionRe: OFFER: GOLD 24CARAT NON GLD

Reserved for 2week
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