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descriptionOffer: We Can supply Aviation Kerosene,Jet fuel (JP 54-A1,5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil D2, D6,ETC in FOB/Rotterdam

We Can supply  Aviation Kerosene,Jet fuel (JP 54-A1,5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil D2, D6,ETC in FOB/Rotterdam only, serious buyer should contact or if you have serious buyers my seller is ready to close this deal fast contact us below:now base email  us (neftegazagent@yandex.ru)


Russia D2  50,000-150,000 Metric Tons  FOB Rotterdam Port.

JP54 5000,000 Barrels per Month FOB Rotterdam.

JA1 Jet Fuel 10,000,000 Barrels FOB Rotterdam.

D6 Virgin Fuel Oil 800,000,000 Gallon FOB Rotterdam.

E-mail: neftegazagent@yandex.ru
E: neftegazagent@mail.ru
E: neftegazagent@yahoo.com

Best Regards
(Mr.) Vladislav Yakov
Skype: neftegazagent

Thank You

descriptionRe: Offer: We Can supply Aviation Kerosene,Jet fuel (JP 54-A1,5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil D2, D6,ETC in FOB/Rotterdam


*we need JP 54 AVIATION FUEL*

once we receive the Soft Corporate Offer (SCO), we will sign on it and return to the Seller or confirm interest. We thereon expect the seller to send us the Full Corporate Offer (FCO) before we respond with an Irrevocable Corporate Purchasing Order (ICPO):
1. Product:
2. Origin:
3. Specification:
4. Quantity:
5. Term of Contract: 6. Price:
7. Delivery:
8. Payment:
9. Inspection:
10. Commissions:
JP54 AVIATION KEROSENE Russian Federation
Standard Export Quality
2.000.000 bbl, SPOT, TRIAL 48.000.000 bbl, CONTRACT 4.000.000 bbl x 12 months with R & E, CONTRACT
CIF Rotterdam
MT 103 for first lift-able, SBLC for contract
SGS or similar at Seller’s tank
Buyer side $ 1.00 (one US$/ bbl).
Seller side $1.00



1.SellerissueFCOonLetterheadsignedandseal,confirmingthattheyare LegalOwner. 

2.Buyer countersigns FCO and sends it back with Full Company Details and Banking Details.

3.Seller issue Draft Contract and Buyer accepts Draft Contract (with amendments, if necessary).

4. Buyer and Seller place Contract in their respective Banks

5. Seller issues Pro-forma Invoice (PI)

6.Buyer and Seller sign Invoice

7.All next steps have to be executed through Seller's Bank Officer and Buyer's Bank Officer. Buyer’s and Seller’sBank will verify each other

8. Seller's Bank issues Partial POP Documents to Buyer's Bank (copy to Buyer), via Seller's Bank official email address to Buyer's Bank Official 
Email address the following:

A - Copy of Licence Certificate.
B - Copy of Statement of Availability of the product. C - Copy of Commercial Invoice.
9. Seller sends:

A - Shipping documents, copy of CPA, B-Q88
C - SGS Report, Q&Q
D - Report Certificate
E - Bill of Lading documents for verification

10. BuyerverifiesPOPandBuyer’sBanksendsviaSWIFTaNon-Operative,NonTransferable,Irrevocable, Revolving, Documentary Letter of Credit (IRD/LC) via SWIFT MT700 to Seller’s nominated Bank, for the monthly’s shipment value, for the length of contract and for each lift-able, quantity. Buyer pays after DIP TEST by MT 103 wire transfer on each monthly quantity.

11. Seller’s Bank issues 2 % PB to Buyer’s Bank for guaranteed monthly shipment and commence. Seller issues Full POP and shipping documents to Buyer’s Bank.

12. Seller loads Ship and nominates vessel and programs it in Buyer’s name. The CPA marked Pre-Paid is submitted to Buyer for verification, Laycan (Programming), loads and commences movement of vessel to Buyer’s discharge Port and avails Buyer full set of loading documents.

13. On successful conclusion of Q&Q analysis, all original cargo documents shall be transferred to Buyer's name and original POP issued in Buyer’s name shall be transmitted from Seller’s Bank to Buyer’s Bank
14. Seller authorizes vessel captain to give Notice of Readiness (N.O.R/ETA) to Buyer and the vessel sails to Buyer’s nominated safe discharge Harbor/Tank. The final Q & Q analysis is conducted and confirmed

15. Buyer pays against shipping documents the product and commissions by SWIFT MT103/ TT wire transfer upon presentation of the transaction documents at Buyer’s Bank.

16. The subsequent delivery shall commence according to the terms and conditions of the contract and mandates/intermediaries receive their commissions according to monthly deliveries.




1. Seller issues FCO on Letterhead signed and sealed, confirming that they are legal Owner of the goods.

2. Buyer countersigns FCO and sends it back as acceptance.

3. Seller issues Corporate Invoice with all terms and conditions, including Vessel Name, Transponder Code and allowance to board (ATB) and allowance to dip the tanks (DTA) for Buyer to verify Seller’s fuel on board of the vessel and then Seller sends:

A - Shipping documents, copy of CPA. B - Q88.
C – SGS, Q&Q report.
D - Report Certificate
E - Bill of Lading documents for verification by Buyer on authenticity of Seller’s fuel on board the Vessel.

4. BUYER does DIP TEST in the tanks.

5. BUYER accepts Corporate Invoice and sends it countersigned back to Seller.

6. Buyer issues MT103 for lift-able product upon positive DIP TEST & PAY against transfer of ownership and full set of POP.

7. DLC for balance of contract as POP documents is exchanged bank to bank. 8. Lifting commences as per contract.
*Only genuine sellers and seller mandates inbox
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