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on Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:56 am

Analogue cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar, gouda, edam, kashkaval, pizza cheese, vegan cheese

in order to serve our clients better, quicker, more competitive and with a wider product range we decided to

merge our power with the youngest, most modern, largest and best manufacturer in europe for alternative cheese.

We start to offer our clients

real cheese mixed with vegetable fats. so the qualities are;

eco : %100 vegetable fat

classic : %25 real cheese  - %75 vegetable fat

premium : %50 real cheese  - %50 vegetable fat

pizza cheese, sandwhich cheese, toast cheese,  kashkaval

Tastes are:

- mozzarella

- cheddar

- gouda

- edam

Available packagings :

blocks  : 200g / 500g / 1000g / 2500g / 12500g

sliced  : 200g / 500g / 1000g

shredded    : 1000g / 2000g

Shelf life:

blocks  : 12 months at +2 to +8 degree celsius transport

sliced  : 12 months at +2 to +8 degree celsius transport

shredded : 8 months at +2 to +8 degree celsius transport

a 20 container can load   maximum with 12 mt of net weight cheese

a 40 container can load maximum  with 22 mt of net weight cheese

General Specifications
A. Moisture 45 - 50%
B. Fat on Dry Basis 30 - 44.5%
C. Salt 1.5 up to 2%
D. pH 5.1 5.4
E. Color Creamy White


Mr. Oleg Petrovich
Managing Director

Address: Matrosova Street 3, 36002, Poltava, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: +380681269091
Email: info@agrolavaz.com / info.agrolavazptyltd.ua@ukr.net
Web - www.agrolavaz.com
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